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Our brand

The WorldSkills movement is developing, and so is the brand.

The global WorldSkills movement has experienced a rapid growth welcoming dozens of new Members, partners and projects into the movement. Never before has there been so much interest in what we do – from skills sectors and industry, from governments and economists as well as from media and society as a whole.

Being part of the global movement, the European organisation WorldSkills Europe adapted the global branding and developed it’s own Brand Book, with a European focus.

The Brand Book serves as an internal guide that defines and explains what WorldSkills is all about. It is an aid for Members and stakeholders to express and communicate our brand with consistency. By maintaining contemporary, consistent and easy to understand branding we will be able to achieve the recognition that vocational, technical and service oriented education and training needs and that WorldSkills truly deserves.


WorldSkills Europe Brand Book

Logo sets

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WorldSkills Europe logo's .AI

EuroSkills GdaƄsk 2023 Media Guide