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WorldSkills Europe pledges to European Alliance for Apprenticeships


The European Alliance for Apprenticeships (EAfA) is a networking platform that seek one common goal: Strengthening the quality, supply and image of apprenticeships in Europe. Launched in 2013 and managed by the European commission, EAfA’s real success comes from the many pledges from stakeholders, wishing to strenghtening both awareness, quality and attractiveness of apprenticeships.

By making a pledge, WorldSkills Europe (WSE) can benefit from EAfAs network, learn best practice, sharing of guidelines, information, member events and last but not least, greater visibility and publicity involving WSE initiatives and activities.

WSE also commits to support the promotion of the EAfA values and benefits, through information sharing within the network and with other stakeholders.

The WSE pledge has been approved and will be announced on EAfAs website during Thursday, December 2 – 2016.

European Alliance for Apprenticeships

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