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Dear Skills Friends,


Recently the 10th WorldSkills Europe General Assembly took place in Gothenburg Sweden. The main conclusions are that we are more than happy to welcome two new members and after an exciting bid process between our members from Austria and Finland, the members decided that Skills Austria will host EuroSkills 2020.
One of the main objectives during the General Assembly was the preparation of EuroSkills Gothenburg 2016. Several meetings for that were scheduled and in combination with the Competition Preperation Meetings, Strategy- and Marketing Communication Meetings, a lot of work has been done and agreed upon for the coming time. Thanks to the attendance of more than 170 members, we can conclude that the organisation for EuroSkills Gothenburg 2016 in December is well underway.

A special thank to the host WorldSkills Sweden for their warm welcome and arranging all the facilities to do the work in the best possible way. We are looking forward to EuroSkills Gothenburg 2016 and experience the implementation of all the idea’s and plans we discussed during the recent meetings!

By now, most national champions are selected by our members; therefore almost 500 competitors from all corners of Europe have started to prepare themselves to compete in Europe’s biggest Skills event. For that we wish all the national teams and their competitors good luck in preparing for EuroSkills Gothenburg 2016. We are looking forward to a great competition in Sweden from the 30th November till 4th December 2016!

Best wishes,

Hubert Romer

Jos de Goey
Secretary General